4 Reasons Why We Agree that Decatur is the #1 Suburb in Georgia

We all like to think that our hometown is the best of the best, but it certainly helps our argument when our suburb of Decatur, GA is named number one by Niche magazine.

According to the Decatur Metro, Niche rated suburbs based on “things to do”, “commute time”, and “education”, amongst other factors (here is a list of all of the rating factors), but if you asked us, this doesn’t even take the cake for the reasons why we love and work in Decatur, Georgia.

Here are our four reasons why we agree that Decatur is the best suburb in the great state of Georgia.

1. The Food.

If you’ve read our biographies on our website, you know that both Gunner and I are major foodies. Both of us love to try new places in the Metro Atlanta area, and we certainly don’t lack choices here in Decatur.

2. The Green.

Both Gunner and I have dogs and enjoy taking them on walks around Decatur. One of the reasons we think Decatur is a great place to work is the amount of quality parks here in town. Adair Dog Park and Oakhurst Dog Park are a few of our favorites.

I also thoroughly enjoy golfing, and luckily there is not lacking of courses to play on around this area.

Follow this link to see more information about parks in Decatur, GA.

3. The History. 

Every time I drive past the Old Dekalb County Courthouse, I am reminded of the incredible history that took place right here in Decatur. It is actually not the original structure that was built in 1823. The first courthouse caught fire in 1842 for mysterious reasons and a new one was built. Even though this second courthouse withstood the Battle of Decatur in 1864, it was demolished and replaced in 1898. This courthouse was also burnt down, a new one being built in 1918. However, even this courthouse was only used until 1967, but the old structure was not demolished. Locals fought for the preservation, and succeeded, and it is now the location of the Dekalb History Center. For more information about the historic courthouse and to learn more about Decatur’s history, see the Dekalb History Center’s website.

4. The People.

At the end of the day, it is the people in town that make the place what it is, and I believe that to be true here in Decatur, Georgia. At the end of the day, we live, work, and enjoy a place because of who we come into contact with. Both Gunner and I enjoy working with clients throughout this area, but we also like meeting other attorneys and court officials here in Decatur. The people are what brought us here and the people will be what keep us here.

We want to know: why do you love to live and work here in Decatur? Comment on our social media post and let us know.

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