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What an Atlanta car accident lawyer can do for you:

Our skills in the courtroom have translated well to litigating your car accident settlement to max value
How a Car Accident Lawyer Helps
Preserving and Gathering Evidence
Maximizing Your Settlement
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How a Car Accident Lawyer Helps

Auto insurance companies are for profit businesses that answers to stockholders not to their clients. They are in the business of making profits by collecting more premiums than paying out claims.

Since the last recession, they discovered that if they make low-ball offers to claimants that many of those claimants will simply take the low offer without a fight.

In many cases these low-ball offers do not even cover legitimate medical bills or lost wages due to injuries from the accident.

Hold the Insurance Company Accountable

We started our careers as criminal defense attorneys and feel most comfortable in the courtroom. Thus, we tend to file lawsuits in a large percentage of our personal injury cases.

We find that going back and forth with claims adjusters is a waste of time as many of them are trained to devalue your case. We have answered many a ridiculous settlement offer from an adjuster with a law suit.

We find that the litigation process puts pressure on the insurance companies to begin to negotiate fairly with us under the threat of a potential jury verdict.  

Trial Verdicts Prove Our Method

We have experience litigating car accident cases and know that negotiating a settlement from a position of strength always provides a better outcome. 

As car accident lawyers, we have gotten big jury verdicts at trials. This confidence in the courtroom is our edge as we are always ready to take your case to the jury.

Car Accident Lawyer Add Value

A car accident attorney adds value to your case in various ways.

Maximizing Damages

We know what we can legally ask for from the insurance companies in your case.

Negotiated Settlement

We prefer to negotiate a fair settlement for your case and know what a fair settlement looks like.

Trial Skills

We have taken car accident injury cases to trial on several occasions and know how to convince a jury.
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Type of Evidence in Car Accident Cases

Car accidents happen fast and are violent and frightening events. And even though you are at the center of the car wreck, you may not have a clear picture of what actually happened. 

In many cases, every party in the car wreck may have a different perspective on what happened.Then the insurance company relies on a police report compiled by a police officer that did not witness the accident as the "official" version of events.

Thus, it becomes important to establish liability and lock-in evidence as early as possible in the process before that evidence disappears or the narrative goes against you.

What You Can Do On the Scene of the Car Accident

You may be reading this some time after the car accident happened but there may still be time to do some of these things. 

Right after the accident when you are still on the scene and everyone is okay, you should do your best to document what happened.

You can take pictures of the damages to the vehicles and the participants. You can gather contact information from eye witnesses that may not make it into the police report. Do not trust the police to talk to every witness that comes forward or to record their contact information.

Make a note of nearby houses or businesses that may have security cameras. We need to acquire recordings from these cameras before they are recorded over.

When you are home, write down your account of what happened in the car accident as your memory may fade with time. You might have to testify in court years after the accident.

Third Party Witnesses

Eye witnesses come in two flavors: biased witnesses and third-party witnesses. They are given different weight by how interested they are in the outcome of your case.

In almost every cases anyone in the car with you is a biased witness. They have something to gain. Maybe they are trying to collect on their own personal injury case or they are friends or family. Even your ride share passenger may be considered biased.

Better witnesses are third party witnesses. These may be occupants of other vehicles or nearby pedestrians that saw the car accident. Some of them may have come to assist and heard the other party make statements admitting fault.

Third-party witnesses have a habit of disappearing so it is important that you ask for their phone number. Many people will leave once they see that everyone seems to be okay.

In past cases the lack of contact information for a third-party witness has ended our investigation.  A surprising number of these witnesses do not make it into police reports. 
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Maximize Settlements

An Atlanta car accident lawyer will force the insurance company to take you seriously.
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Types of Damages Pursued by an Accident Attorney

Maximizing your settlement is our job. You are out of pocket for the medical bills and potentially missed work and have other expenses due to the car accident.

The insurance company may treat you like you are scum looking for a big pay day. In reality, you are an everday person seeking to be made whole by their client's negligence.

Even in cases that the insurance company admits liablity, they often end up disputing your bills. This is where a car accident attorney can help.

Get Everything the Law Allows

Most people do not even know what they can ask for in their car accident injury case. 

As car accident attorneys, we make it our job to ask for full compensation of past and future medical bills, lost wages, lost enjoyment of activities you can no longer do after the injury, pain and suffering, and more.

Georgia personal injury law allows us to make monetary claims on these loses that we can document them and attribute to the negligent act.

Documenting Your Damages

Medcial bills are the easiest to document. You simply provide your bills and medical records. The insurance company will almost always discount any treatment by a chiropractor, and even challenge many treatments as unnecessary.

In one case, we had an insurance adjuster claim our client's doctor recommended treatment lasted too long because most people are better from his type of injury after five weeks. We asked to see the adjuster's medical license and then filed a law suit.

Future medical treatment can be accounted for if the injury you sustained may cause you potential medical problems in the future. Your doctor may be able to document this in their records.

Lost wages can be documented with paystubs. In the case of gig-workers and self-employed clients like rideshare drivers we can show your lost income compared to a previous period of time.

If you can no longer participate in a sport like weightlifting or cycling, we can document this through testimony or recommendations in your medical records.

This only covers some of the damages we may pursue in your car accident case. As car accident lawyers we will maximize your case's value to the fullest extent allowed by Georgia's law.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth getting a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Yes. It is worth at least contacting a lawyer after a minor car accident, especially if you sought any medical treatment or think you may need future medical treatment.

Can you sue for negligence in a car accident?

Yes, you can sue for negligence in a car accident if the other party is at fault for the accident. 

Should I go to a doctor in a minor car accident?

Yes. You should go to a doctor after a minor car accident if you have any medical problems that concern you. This can include pain such as whiplash that may not appear right away.

What is a good settlement offer?

A good settlement offer covers all of the damages and future damages you suffered from the car accident. This includes medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. A car accident lawyer can help you determine what is a good settlement offer. 

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