Why We Love the Decatur BBQ, Blues, & Bluegrass Festival

At Pak and McRae Law, LLC, we love the big-time Atlanta food and music celebrations. To us, though, there is nothing like the annual Decatur Barbecue, Blues, & Bluegrass Festival. We look forward to the music, the food, and the fun all year long. What’s more, it’s just around the corner, with Aug. 15 quickly approaching! Held in Downtown Decatur, this is the best place to find good southern BBQ food, soulful Read More

Critical Phases of the Criminal Process – Misdemeanors

The first phase of the Criminal Process is recognizing whether you have committed a crime. In the State of Georgia, crimes are divided into two major subsections, felonies and misdemeanors.  Misdemeanors, the subject of this article, are the least serious crimes and correspondingly carry the most lenient penalties.  Misdemeanor crimes can be viewed on a spectrum with the most serious misdemeanors being crimes like Read More

How a Small Traffic Violation Can Become a Bigger Problem-Failure to Appear Cases

FAILURE TO APPEAR – TRAFFIC Mark, an Atlanta resident, finished a week-long vacation along the sandy beaches of Destin, Florida.  On the way home, Mark is pulled over in Thomas County, Georgia for speeding 19 miles over the posted speed limit.  Much to Mark’s dismay, instead of receiving a citation and finishing his trip home, Mark is hauled off to the county jail.  Puzzled and angry, Mark is told that he never paid Read More

The Importance of Corroborating DNA Evidence

On May 14, firefighters and police discovered a grisly scene when they responded to a house fire in an upscale neighborhood in a Washington, D.C. suburb. Inside the large brick home were four bodies showing signs of being bound, tortured and killed by blunt force trauma. The victims were identified as Mr. and Mrs. Savopolous, their 10 year old son, and their housekeeper. Mr. Savopolous is the CEO and President of Read More

San Fransisco V. Sheehan Opinion Issued

The United States Supreme Court issued its opinion in San Francisco v. Sheehan on May 18, 2015. The case originated from a violent incident between a mentally unstable woman and police officers in a group home in San Francisco in 2008. The woman, Sheehan, threatened a social worker at the home with a knife and locked herself in her room. The worker called 911 for help, and two officers responded. They entered Read More

Deflate Gate Part II

Who has forgotten the infamous deflate gate scandal that arose back in January, so named when it was discovered that the game balls used by the New England Patriots during the first half of the AFC Championship game with the Indianapolis Colts were under-inflated, raising the possibility that they were purposely deflated in order to please quarterback Tom Brady’s known preference for a softer football. (See previous Read More

The Accused Fight Back

In the past several years, public awareness about the problem of sexual assault and misconduct on college campuses has grown (see previous blogs on this subject). The handling of sexual assault claims by schools across the country has been under scrutiny, with many schools changing their policies and procedures to deal more aggressively with those accused of any sexual misconduct. In their haste to protect victims of Read More

Texas Shooting Highlights Importance of Free Speech

On May 3, 2015, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) hosted the “Mohammed Art and Exhibit Contest” in Garland, Texas, part of suburban Dallas. According to AFDI President Pamela Geller, the event had on display various depictions of the Prophet Mohammed from the past 1,400 years. The event also sponsored a contest for the best cartoon rendering of the Prophet, with the winner to receive a $10,000 award. Read More

Baltimore Burning

On April 12, 2015, police officers in Baltimore, Maryland arrested Freddie Gray; on that same day he sustained a catastrophic injury and fell into a coma. One week later, on April 19, 2015, he died from that injury. Protests began on the streets of Baltimore, and escalated into violent riots. A night of arson, looting and destruction ended in over 200 arrests, and many officers injured. The National Guard and State Read More

The Reason Walter Scott Ran?

The tragic murder of South Carolina resident Walter Scott by Police Officer Michael Slager has an underlying story with broader implications. While Officer Slager initially pulled Scott over for a minor traffic violation, his family believes that Scott took off running and initiated the pursuit leading to his death over fear of an outstanding warrant. The warrant had been issued for failure to appear at a court Read More